Work Details

These are some of the general duties assigned to work exchange partners.




General Networking and Office Work

  • Writing Blog posts on Wordpress.
  • Helping with the NationBuilder database.
  • Posting pictures and status updates on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
  • Writing job descriptions, promo pieces, press releases, research and input data for the various people and orgs. we want to reach out to.


Cooking/Food Prep

  • Shop for Vegan Meals.
  • Help prepare vegan meals.
  • Help clean up after meals.



  • Water plants.
  • Harvest plants.
  • Help carry out the permaculture plan that has been created by our designers.
  • Help organize the resource yard at our other site.
  • Help clean out Bengi Barn.
  • Help create educational trails.
  • Help with the creation of a goat sanctuary, and help them to move around the property with movable fences so they can eat the poison ivy.
  • Help build hügelkultur raised beds and mulch them.
  • Cut weeds/and pull the grass (we don't pull weeds--we let them grow, clip them, and then they become biomass and fertilizer.
  • Help make compost tea and nourish the plants.



  • Assist our head carpenter in various tasks that require more than one person.  



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