Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: To create an ecovillage where our members work joyfully together and with other social change agents to co-create a world where all of life thrives.

Mission: To demonstrate the power of healthy community (body, mind, and spirit) in order to support the vegan movement in having a solid foundation upon which to grow exponentially.

The following words are written by Andrew Harvey, Institute for Sacred Activism. He eloquently explains our key goals:

Hildegard of Bingen, a great Sacred Activist of her time, wrote; “Humanity, full of creative possibilities, is God’s work. Humanity is called upon to assist God. Humanity is called to co-create with God.”

These words by the great 12th-century Christian woman saint challenge us all, whatever our religious or spiritual belief, to do three linked things: 

  • to uncover our own divine nature through prayer and meditation (and I would add--other spiritual practices)
  • to attune our hearts and will to the will of God for the transformation of the earth, and
  • to devote and pour out all our God-given life energies in creativity, service, and justice-making so that divine reality can be increasingly embodied in the world.


The main goal in order to get all the other goals accomplished:

Reach out and find at least one person to live here to co-found the ecovillage and find a core group of people who can work together harmoniously to get the ecovillage off the ground and sell the retreat center.

These goals are always in the process of being refined and added to. Those who join us later will add to and enrich these goals according to their life experiences, talents, resources and passions.  

Retreat Center

Have the description and marketing plan completed so we can find a buyer who wants to have a farm animal sanctuary and vegan retreat center.  Sell by May 15th, 2018

Community living 

Live in alignment with and continue refining our values 

Have all organizational community structures in place. 

Have the website finished in that it clearly explains where we are so people can make a decision to join us.

Complete the building of living structures and food production at the site of the future Vegan Utopia Ecovillage by April 2018

Develop ways to support ourselves so that residents can make money doing things that are in alignment with our values and goals by March 2018



Increase Social Media Participation:

Find people living here or elsewhere who want to adopt all or some of our social media so we can maximize our influence and blessing: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Wordpress Blog.  February 2018

Local and bio-regional events in NWA: Continue to attend and support other vegan-friendly activities in Fayetteville,  NW Arkansas and all of the Ozarks.  

Create Collaboration: Increase the influence of Animal Lovers of the Ozarks (co-founded by Trish) to create a directory and a place to collaborate with vegan-friendly organizations in Ozarks and Arkansas. 

Anonymous for the Voiceless: Continue to work with and help build a sense of community within AV Fayetteville chapter. 

Veganism: Serve local community by helping people adopt a plant-based diet and grow food. 


Do regular spiritual practices through our soul pauses throughout the day.  Inspire 1000 others to join us through our live videos on our Facebook page and other ways. 

Connect with Spirit every minute in a practice of mindfulness. Teach others to do the same. 

Long term: 

Develop a model of our Ecovillage which can be duplicated in any neighborhood--rural and urban so that we can help people start their own communities. 

Help churches and other places of worship become community centers where they utilize all the practical knowledge that we have accumulated so that each church can help their neighborhoods become places where the earth and everyone, including the animals, can thrive. 

Train vegan community facilitators to support the creation of the community projects above and who can inspire people to go vegan through example and excellent teaching. 

Host Community: Connect! gatherings, healing retreats, classes and other activities which enrich our neighborhood and foster more cooperation and unity by February 2018 

Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution: Help our neighbors and friends who have issues that divide them to resolve their differences.

Create a Timebank system so that we social change agents especially can live as much as possible without depending on money by March 2018

Non-resident involvement: Create avenues so that people who are not living on the property can interact and be blessed by our work, and be in some way part of our community. "Friends of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage."

Helping the needy people: Find ways to minister to the "least of these" including mentally ill, hungry, widows, orphans, homeless, poor, and suffering.

Think Tank: Create a think tank of residents and friends online and in person to discern and help this growing movement develop the very best practices to promote healthy community living in the vegan movement by June 2018

Support Selected Vegan Efforts: Support vegan leaders like Will Tuttle (author of the World Peace Diet), Earthling Ed, and groups like Save Movement, Anonymous for the Voiceless, 

Pro-life Outreach: Inspire pro-life leaders to go vegan and inspire others to do the same.   Some key people are the very influential millennials:  Rose Josh Braham of Equal Rights Institute, Abby Johnson, Kristen Hawkins of Students for Life and David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress  

Podcast: Start a podcast that goes viral. We can interview people all over the world asking the question: how can we help the vegan movement grow to a critical mass by 2020? Make it a strategic planning podcast as well as training. Specialize in how to create healthy communities and ecovillages. 

Interspiritual fellowship gathering: Have a place where the spiritually homeless can find encouragement and where veganism can be promoted through vegan meals and various spiritual teachings. 







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