Vegan permaculture (also known as veganic permaculture, veganiculture, or vegaculture) avoids the use of domesticated animals. It is essentially the same as permaculture except for the addition of a fourth core value; "Animal Care." Wikipedia, Vegan Organic Gardening


We have already started using principles of  Vegan permaculture at the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage site.

We have worked closely with Tas and Chase of Biodesic Strategies to develop a permaculture plan for our Retreat Center which is now for sale. 

They have also provided us with many resources which we are delighted to share with you. 





Tas and Chase have put together an excellent plan that will allow us to grow Moringa on a large scale. Check it out by clicking on the picture below.



We think Hugelkultur raised beds are great, so we had Tas and Chase make an exciting instructional video telling you how to make one. 





 Click on these amazing infographics to learn more about vegan permaculture and some of the plants we love.

Hugelkultur(1).png Bat_boxes.pngMoringa.pngPersimmon.png





Note: Some are not vegan permaculture sites because this is a fairly new offshoot of permaculture, but you can use most of the same principles.

Veganic Agriculture Network

The Veganic Agriculture Network is a new movement in North America to promote the production of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals without the use of artificial substances nor the use of animal products. We promote sustainable, low-impact, plant-based farming and gardening.

Vegan Organic Network

Founded in 1996, the Vegan Organic Network, VON, is an ambitious UK registered charity with an international network of active supporters. Our aims are to research and promote vegan organic (also known as stockfree organic) methods of agriculture and horticulture throughout the world so that green, clean and cruelty-free food becomes widely available.

Vegan Permaculture Article

An article about vegan permaculture from the United Kingdom

Info About The Vegan Book of Permaculture

 Plants for a Future Database

7000+ Plant Pages

 Permaculture Action Network

The Permaculture Action Network bridges permaculture and community action with music, land, and culture.


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    We are all gifts from god. Thank you for doing the work you do. I hope to join you.