I have lived a life as a seeker and a finder of some core truths along the way.  “We are one” are not just words to speak without the power of truly connecting with who we are… “We are here to know our true self as Christ filled beings, then we can truly communicate and connect with others at a deep level.”

I have lived in an Intentional Community for over ten years and has a passion and a relentless drive for creating and building community.  “The world belongs to the practice of Community… Only by overcoming isolationism do we have greater safety and security in an insecure world.”  

I am a “mindful marketer” and own two businesses.  I have also been a puppeteer, bicycle mechanic, community organizer, writer, speaker, mediator, musician and songwriter.  I have been an organizer of many groups, creative venues, events, conferences, workshops and speaking engagements.


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