By Trish Mikkelson
Here are some things that people who have worked with have said both about the ecovillage and other work I have done. 

Tas and Chase started their own company while working with Trish
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Chris Mikkelson worked full time with Trish for 9 months and gained a lot of skills. 
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Samantha Snyder, an applicant for our work exchange program (now called "Internship" which is on hold for now)
"My impression of Jesus Vegans (Now Vegan Utopia Ecovillage): I came across Jesus Vegans as I searched for summer opportunities, considering that this is my last summer as a college student. As a passionate Christian and vegan, stumbling across Jesus Vegans was such a blessing! I was immediately curious as to how I could get involved.
I reached out by filling out a volunteer form in the hopes of it resulting in a summer work exchange. Trish, the co-founder and woman doing most of the "behind the scenes" work at Jesus Vegans, reached out to me and was so enthusiastic about the opportunity. After getting to know each other more, we scheduled a phone interview, which was much more like a conversation than an interview!
When speaking with Trish, I felt comfortable and understood. She was open and honest about sharing her story and how Jesus Vegans fit into that. The Jesus Vegans community is very active in the animal rights world and from what I can tell, is hopeful and interested in exploring other areas of Christianity and veganism as community members are interested.
This was encouraging for me because as much as I care about animal rights, the nutrition and social justice benefits of veganism are my niche. It was so encouraging to speak with Trish about this, and I realized that as we work together we'll be able to learn from each other about more holistic veganism. As I consider this opportunity, I am able to reflect on how beneficial this would be for others passionate about veganism, nutrition, social justice, animal rights, and more.
As I mentioned, Trish was so willing to adjust my "job description" based on what my interests and passions were. This would be an amazing opportunity for someone who is open-minded and willing to discover some new passions, or someone hoping to develop some existing ones! Though Jesus Vegans is still developing and improving, it is very evident that Trish is fully invested in this. If reading this has sparked some curiosity or interest in you, chances are this would be a great opportunity for you. Thanks for reading!"


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