Our First Event at the Event Center

I am happy to say that we had a wonderful time at the Jesus Vegans Vision Tour and Photo Shoot yesterday. People are curious about how it all went, and I feel grateful that people are so supportive and want to keep up with what we are doing.

The event started at 3pm and when no one showed up, I was relieved. I was still bustling around, trying to get things ready. It seem

s like there was at least one million details to attend to. My kids had an all day event they had committed to, and thus they were not able to help. Robert, Tas and Chase were here doing a bunch of work like finishing up the beautiful fire ring and cleaning up the large event area we call the Bengie Barn.  


So I just kept on putting one foot in front of the other, even though it seemed the tasks were endless. I actually wished that no one would come because I felt exhausted!



Finally, I reached a place where I felt complete, and the first guests arrived. My strength was renewed miraculously! They couldn’t stay long, but they were willing to join us in doing a parachute game, which I wanted to do for a photo. I gave the couple a quick tour, and they were on their way. Cliff, who is on the coordinating circle of the community, showed up at this time as well.


Then a few more guests arrived, and so we had just enough people to photograph and video to help things look more like community. But the best thing was that we really did have a great time. I had a long list of things I wanted to do so we could both get pictures and experience connection with each other. After all, we wanted the visual images to be sincere! So within just a few hours, we did the following:


  • took a little tour of the property including the large spring and beginnings of the food forest.

  • Stood in a circle and prayed and blessed the endeavors.

  • Did a little ceremony while we hammered the peace pole into the ground.

  • Sat around the campfire and sang.

  • Worked on the Hugelkultur bed.

  • Cleaned out the Bengie Barn (finishing touches)

  • Played a great cooperative game, Team Juggle.

  • Danced to a Toby Mac song, using scarves to enhance our creativity.

  • Ate a wonderfully simple vegan meal of lentils, rice, potatoes and butternut squash.


No one brought food for the potluck, but fortunately I had made plenty of simple food, and everyone was satisfied. Everyone was so cooperative, and willing to keep changing the activities so that we could get all the photos that I was hoping for.


 EC_planting_the_Peace_pole.JPGThanks to each of you who came: Tas, Chase, Robert, Cliff, Aden, Maggie, Maggie, and Jeanine. Even though the turnout was not as abundant as I would have liked, the abundance of fun and good photos was overflowing!

 I pray that the photos we use for the website, and the video footage for the promo video--will help people to see the beautiful potential for what can happen here. We are hoping hat people who share our values and goals will find our website and will decide to move here since we have so much to offer.

 I pray that our mission of “bringing divinity to the table and peace to all creation” will be fulfilled as the people who share this mission come forth miraculously. We have a beautiful home with spacious rooms to offer, and soon I will be writing out job descriptions and much more so people can know more what to expect.




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