By Trish Mikkelson

The Retreat Center is for sale but we have it until at least May 15th, 2018. Here is information about the Retreat Center. 

Ideally, we can negotiate to use at least the downstairs apartment until we can get the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage site more developed. See the details about that site below. 

The first co-founders who comes here can have his or her own room since there are 4 bedrooms in the Log House. 

Here are some pictures: 


Upstairs  Room with a view (1).

 This room has a window overlooking the lake and has two beds.  There is a bathroom that is shared with the other room upstairs. 


Upstairs  Room with a view (2).

This room number 2 upstairs has a window overlooking the lake and has two beds. 

There is also a large master bedroom downstairs.

Vegan Utopia Ecovillage Site

I've learned that the most important thing that a community needs to have in the beginning is a common house and common spaces. Thus, when we had the funds to build structures on the Ecovillage Site, we started with two spacious decks where we can put large tents and we built a common house that we call the Mir House which is finished on the outside and now needs the inside finish work done. 

With the funds from the sale of the Retreat Center/Farm Animal Sanctuary Site, we can finish the Mir House and do the remaining work including: 

  • Getting a simple solar system installed
  • Getting our online up and running (we can have highspeed internet)
  • Getting the water systems up and running including rainwater catchment and developing the springs we have found. 
  • Getting roads repaired
  • Cleaning up the trailer

The good news is that when we live at the off-the-grid Vegan Utopia Ecovillage site, we have a much smaller ecological footprint. 

Here are the resources available at the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage site:   

  • Two large tent platforms upon which can be put 16 ft. in diameter round tents that we have already purchased. See pic below.
  • A 32-foot travel trailer that could be cleaned up and made into an office. 
  • A fifth wheel trailer that needs major repair could be used for some kind of workspace or family living space
  • Plenty of places to set up small tents for sleeping, or to build small structures. 
  • One shipping container that is locked can be used for storage or other uses
  • A Yome that needs repair but is a very beautiful structure. It is located in a very private location and thus could be used for a quiet space for such activities as meditation. 


This is a picture of the kind of tent that we have already purchased. We can put up two of them on the decks and use for common spaces, or living spaces depending on what is the most needed. 

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