Friendship Pledge



by Trish Mikkelson

I contacted Paul and Layne Cutwright to see if they would allow me to revise their couple's savvy pledge so it could apply to any relationship. I felt overjoyed and encouraged by their enthusiastic response--which was "yes!"

This pledge can provide a sense of safety and commitment that provides a foundation upon which we can create a culture of compassion, inner healing and radical honesty. Creating a culture like this will help us to be successful in creating a world where every animal, and every being, can be safe, happy and free. 

We will do activities and create structures so that the spirit of this pledge can flow freely. 

The Relationship Savvy Pledge is copyrighted and an excerpt from Paul and Layne’s Relationship Savvy Coaching Program.

You can receive a series of free gifts from Paul and Layne at their site.


The Relationship Pledge: Because we plan to create a beautiful future together . . .

We both joyfully take responsibility for the quality of our relationship.

We will open ourselves to deep love, intimacy and enduring connection.

We will refine our communication so that we may be authentic and emotionally open.

We will make a rigorous assessment of our strengths so we may appreciate what we bring to our relationship with one another.

We will use every encounter to learn about ourselves, so that we may use this knowledge to become more of who we want to be and live the life we want to share.

We will resolve emotional issues from the past. We will transform disappointments and setbacks into growth opportunities that propel us toward our desired future.

We will seek to know ourselves so that we can be true to ourselves in all ways. We will be self-reflective and observe our own self-talk and the beliefs that foster it.

We will do our inner work because we know our relationship reflects our consciousness. We will create a network of support that nurtures and encourages us.

We will endeavor to be open-minded and open-hearted. We will treat others with caring and respect.

We will seek to uplift the lives of people we meet.

We will be discerning about others’ character and choose to relate with people who are both good to us and good for us.

We will participate in life as fully as we can and be champions in bringing out the best in one another. We intend to play big and reach out for what we want.

We are committed to life-long learning and we will enthusiastically learn how to create and maintain our friendship relationship to be full of trust, passion, creativity and fulfillment.

We will create a life that we love, knowing it is the healthiest foundation from which to build a truly great friendship.

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