Farm Animal Sanctuary Site/Retreat Center: For Sale


By Patricia Mikkelson

The Retreat Center is going to be for sale! You can find a ton of information on this blog. 

We have decided that trying to build a retreat center and start an ecovillage as just too much. Thus, we want to sell the retreat center to people who want to use it as a retreat center and/or a farm animal sanctuary. 

We hope to collaborate with a buyer who wants to offer events, conferences, health retreats, retreats for small groups in our developing permaculture environment. 


*Gorgeous view of Prayer Lake which is a 7-minute walk away.

*Prayer Lake park and lake can be used for residents and guests if they are under the supervision of residents/staff

*Peaceful and serene

*A site for a campground

*The large barn is perfect for community gatherings

*A spacious, modern 4 bedroom log house

*A small permaculture forest has been started

*A permaculture design plan has been made

*Rich, productive gardening beds in place and lots of potential for more growing beds to be developed.

*Although out in the country, it is easily accessible by a paved road with only about a mile of dirt road

*A separate downstairs apartment 

*Plenty of pasture land for a farm animal sanctuary which includes a small spring-fed pond

*20 acres of land with woods and clear areas

*Located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains where there is an abundance of outdoor activities to engage in like kayaking on the Buffalo River, hiking the variety of trails, and visiting picturesque small towns. 

*1 hour from Fayetteville, Arkansas where the animal rights movement is just getting off the ground 

*1 hour from Eureka Springs where tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the many attractions offered there. 

*The price of the property is $425,000

*EMT pollution has been largely neutralized using tachyon technology from

You can see more pictures and details about the retreat center here.






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