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Is it possible to buy land or rent near the Jesus Vegans Event Center?

Information about the neighborhood. 


Yes! There is lots of relatively inexpensive land that you can buy, and even a very large house that is for sale 5 minutes away from the event center that would be ideal for a small community or a large family. 

You can learn more about this unique neighborhood at  This site is extremely outdated, but you can get a feel for the surrounding area. If you are interested in buying land near our event center, you can find contact information on this page. 

What is the status of zoning and other regulations?


Due to the nature of minimal building code laws here in Madison County, freedom to experiment with alternative building methods are almost limitless. Please note that common sense practices will be utilized in our design and building at Jesus Vegans Event Center.

Recently laws have been put into place to limit residential homes to one per five acres. We are in the process of seeing how we can work with this law creatively or help change this regulation which is very restrictive. 

Jesus Vegans Event Center is part of the intentional neighborhood,  Living Springs, which is comprised of about seven hundred acres, has no formal covenants, conditions or restrictions (CC&R’s). But there are general guidelines and practices recommended in keeping with the original vision of the larger Living Springs neighborhood surrounding the forty acre spring-fed Prayer Lake. 

You can learn more about this unique neighborhood at   This site is extremely outdated because of many reasons--but you can get a feel for the surrounding area. If you are interested in buying land near our event center, you can find contact information on this page. 

What is the cost of living like?


Land costs are lower compared to other places in the country. We welcome people who have similar goals and who have big dreams just as we do, to explore purchasing land nearby. There is room for many small communities on the 600 acres where owners have access to the beautiful Prayer Lake. Contact for more information. 

Taxes are relatively low compared to the national average, while consumable goods taxes are a bit higher.  

Food: Healthy organic food can be higher, but we hope to offset that by growing and providing for ourselves and others.


Can I buy land and be a neighbor instead of being part of the community?


Yes! Living Springs has 5 acre lots available for as low as $10,000.  *Currently: One large home for sale (6 bedroom), listed at $269,000; suitable for large family or small community.

What is the surrounding area like?


We are a part of the Living Springs neighborhood, which gives us access to beautiful spring fed Prayer Lake and its recreational area. Prayer Lake Park has a swimming dock, volleyball and basketball courts, and picnic area. 

We are nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas in Madison county.  Fayetteville is about an hour drive west and is a dynamic college town. An hour north we have Eureka Springs, a progressive little town full of interesting people, events, and archtecture.  The Buffalo National River area is about the same distance, and is full of hiking trails, rock climbing, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Kingston is the closest town (About 10 min away), and though tiny, the ‘On The Square’ social events are plentiful and highly attended throughout the year.  Kingston boasts a post office and library along with a coffee shop, diner, and other businesses. Annual events include Fair On The Square in May, Music On the Square throughout the summer months, and Christmas on the Square where many local churches gather to celebrate.

Huntsville, 25 minutes away, is the county seat. Although it only has a population of about 3000 people it has all the amenities needed for a person’s basic needs, Including several grocery stores, banks, gas stations, hardware stores, and more.  

Faithful Servant Ministries (AKA The Rink) serves all of Madison county from Huntsville and is a great hub of community services and we partner with on occasion for events and other opportunities.