Daily Schedule

By Trish Mikkelson

This the schedule that is planned at this time for Monday through Friday. I am experimenting with following this schedule by myself and adjusting it as I learn how it goes.  We can adjust this schedule when we experience the group dynamics. I definitely am doing the "Holy Breaks" at these times. Learn more about these times when we do spiritual practices that help us stay connected to Jesus here.  

Pausing for these Holy Breaks has transformed my life so that I am increasingly feeling Jesus presence and staying connected to Him. This has given me an abundance of peace and joy that is becoming very consistent. Taking holy breaks is something that is done in most monasteries. I learned about this practice from the book called Seven Sacred Pauses. This review is very inspiring. 

There may be times when some or all of us go out and do work to make money like team organizing, or building hugelkultur gardens, or helping people transform their lawns into gardens. We won't be following this schedule if that is the case. The ideal is that we can work on our projects mostly in the community. And we can pause very briefly at the Holy Break times. 

7-7:30 Christ-centered Yoga*

7:30-8:30 Holy Break*: Scripture meditation, prayer, praying our prayer lists individually

8:30-9:15 Breakfast check-in and plan day

9:15-10:00 Get ready for the day

10-10:15 Holy Break*

10:15-12:15 Work

12:15-1 Lunch

1-1:15 Holy Break*

1:15-2:15 Exercise break (walk, volleyball, swimming etc)

2-3 Work

3-3:15 Holy Break*

3:15-5:45 Work

6:00-6:15 Holy Break*

6:15-7:00 Dinner

7-9 Various activities including watching a movie, talent night, community gathering, a class, and weekly conflict resolution and connection meeting

9:15-10:15 Holy Break*: Group spiritual practice: meditation, reflection on the day, Immanuel Healing journaling. 


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