The Current Situation

By Trish Mikkelson

Right now I am living in a lovely log house at the Retreat Center/Farm Animal Sanctuary Site. We are getting ready to sell this land, but people who want to help co-found the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage, will live here until the land is sold. This land is only 10 minutes away from the Ecovillage site.

My friend who has been funding this project originally bought the retreat center so we could simultaneously work on both projects. But we are finding that this is too much! So we are wanting to find a buyer who will do what we wanted to do at the Retreat Center. Then I, along with our future co-founders, can work on building the Ecovillage. 

Land Status

I co-own 27 acres of land which is a part of a neighborhood called Living Springs.  This is the land where Vegan Utopia Ecovillage will be located. 

Cliff, my former husband, now lives on 1/3 of the property in a tiny house. He is very supportive of the Ecovillage project. 

I will be buying Robert Kersbergen's 1/3 of land because he wants to move. This leaves VUE with about 18 acres to continue building on. 

Cliff and I want to put the land into a legal structure that ensures that the ecovillage will be protected. Cliff wants to be a neighbor to the Ecovillage and be involved as he feels inspired. And he wants his land to be protected and not exploited. 


The Mir House, which will be the ecovillage common house, has been partially completed. The outside is all done, and now the finish work needs to be done on the inside. It is livable during warmer weather.

This lovely 2 1/2 story building is perfect for about 20 residents to use as a co-working space, dining hall, library, kitchen, and a pod-casting/video studio. It has outside decks that have lovely views, lots of windows, and is set up for a wood heater.

Two large decks with lovely views will hold two large round tents which will be used for community spaces--one for gatherings, sharing meals, music and playing.  The other for meditation/yoga/spiritual practices.  These tents can be heated in the winter with wood stoves. 

Yome: We have a yome that needs lots of repairs, but we can use it for meditation, gathering space, or living space for a family. 

Fifth Wheel: We have an old fifth wheel which could be repaired in order to be a house or office. 36 Feet long. 

Travel trailer: This could be fixed up to be an office or house or healing space. It is in amazingly good shape.

House foundation: We built a house 15 years ago which never got a roof--and the tarps eventually wore out. So sad! We don't know the extent of the damage, but at least there is a foundation which could be used to build upon. 


We have a fenced in garden area about 20 x 20 with hugelkultur raised beds. Even though it is small, we are doing our best to grow lots of food intensively.

We will grow things like Jerusalem artichokes, comfrey, mint, herbs, and sweet potatoes on the outside of the garden because animals don't like these plants so much. 

We have some other hugelkultur beds started. 

The Land

It is mostly wooded. It is very secluded and quiet.

No electricity runs through the land. We are completely off the grid.

A creek runs through the property. It runs at least a trickle all year, and during wet weather is very prolific. 

It is mostly hilly terrain.

Adjacent to the property is land which is owned by someone who we want to contact who lives in Hawaii. We would love to buy it if funds are available. There is a beautiful waterfall, bluffs, and totally secluded wilderness area. 

The land is completely paid off. 

I will be providing beautiful pictures soon. 






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