1) What kind of communication techniques do you encourage?


I, Trish, have used Nonviolent Communication, as taught by Marshall Rosenberg, to a great extent over the past 29 years. However, only recently I realized that there are many weaknesses in this model. Thus I am working with my friend, Scott Masters, to help define even further how we want to communicate effectively.

We will have weekly classes as well as on the job training to teach some aspects of NVC as well as other techniques. 

People will be encouraged to learn as we go in a safe space where learning is fun and easy. 

When we want to express uncomfortable feelings, our communication techniques will make this process healing and beautiful, rather than painful and scary. Not only do we want to use techniques, but also develop heart qualities and create environments of love where our shadow can be expressed without hurting others. 

We also will use communication techniques when we want to express appreciation, thus building trust and connection so that conflicts are less likely to erupt. 

We listen to each other which offers a space for healing. We will encourage "listening exchanges" where people take turns listening empathically, and thus working through problems. Instead of offering advice, solutions,  sympathy or criticism, a person can offer empathic listening and then after the person being listened to can explore their feelings and needs, then solutions can be sought. 

Using great communication techniques plus the spiritual practices and all healing modalities we put into place, we can really thrive harmoniously. 

Here is a great article which describes the direction in which we are going. It compares NVC to Clean Talk. 


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