Assistant Director Wanted

By Trish Mikkelson, Founder and Directoer

Thanks so much for your interest in being assistant director of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage.

I am currently looking for at least one compatible person who wants to help get this project off the ground. You can find a description of my idea of the ideal person here. 

If you are serious about exploring the possibilities of getting this startup going and living in a comfortable log house (until May 15 at least and hopefully until July 2018), going through this checklist is the best way to decide if you want to fill out an application. I also recommend that you thoroughly explore the website. I am also open to having someone help me from a distance. 

 Click on the links in the order below for the greatest efficiency. 

1. Values: If you resonate with all of them great! Keep going.

If not, having a conflict of values leads to endless conflicts, which are not fun for anyone. 

2. Beliefs: These beliefs are so broad that I think that most spiritual people can agree with these. If you have a major clash with these beliefs, we probably can't work together easily.

3. Description of the living situation: If this arrangement does not work for you, tell me your creative solutions and ideas so you can get your unique needs met. If everything else lines up, I will do our best to help you out. 

4. Get to know me, Trish Mikkelson: director, founder, and only member. This is truly a start-up operation and if you are the very first person who comes here, I will be the main person you will need to be able to work with closely.

5. Perks: There are so many wonderful opportunities for you to be whole in body, mind, and soul. Check them out! 

6. Costs: Except for a few exceptions, people need to pay for their expenses. Here is a breakdown of what you need to pay, and what you will receive. 

7. Diet: At least 80% raw (maybe 100%) and similar to the Hallelujah diet

8. A typical day: This is my creative way of giving you an idea of how wonderful it could be to live here. 

9. Daily schedule: Having a regular schedule where we connect regularly with God and with each other helps us to build unity, connection, and stay organized. 

10. Systems and structures: I am working hard to use systems that have worked in egalitarian communities which is what we want to create. See if you align with these. 

11. Current situation: Check this out so you know what is going on. 

12. If you are still feeling positive--fill out an application here!



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