By Patricia Mikkelson

Vegan Utopia Ecovillage is the new name of what used to be called Jesus Vegans Ecovillage. I realize now that I want to welcome people of all faiths. Thus the name change. 

So many things have changed since I first started this project in Oct 2018. I had a five-person staff and was fully funded. Now I am re-forming all by myself because the funding has run out. When I sell the retreat center, I will once again have more cash flow. 

Now Cliff Mikkelson has joined me as co-founder. 

I hope you will peruse this website and feel inspired. 

Here are some words from Cliff: 

My Thoughts on Helping to Start a Vegan Eco-Village

We acquired this 27 acre property on a gentle hill slope with the idea of building homes for ourselves and also with the intention of inviting other like-minded people to join us in developing a community of creative people desiring to make a positive difference in the world.

However, 18 years have gone by, our two children have grown up, and it feels like only now does it seem like we can make it happen because we have a new focus and some revised ideas.

We have made some progress over the years. I finally had a small home built for myself, (I moved in on June 1, 2017). Patricia got the financing to build a community house that still has to be fully insulated and finished on the inside. She also had two large decks built that can be used for various purposes. We have a garden area established, and we have two small trailer homes and a yome that all need to be rejuvenated.

The most important factor inspiring our renewed determination to attract more community members is that we have a clearly defined focus: We want to invite people who have a vegan diet and a vegan outlook on life which means having a respect for all life and to see the oneness of all life.

I know we cannot avoid sometimes killing some life forms such as flies, mosquitoes, ants and other pesky insects, but we can at least do our part in stopping the inhumane treatment and slaughter of pigs, cows, turkeys and other sentient animals that we consider as food for our bodies.

I’m 74 and Patricia is 64 so we want to attract some younger people who have a similar vision of life and are willing to live in the country and build up this community. People of all ages are welcome, young and old, but we do need some young people who will carry on and build a community that will thrive and endure for generations.

Northwest Arkansas is a prosperous area. There are many opportunities for employed and self-employed work. Our vision is to have some businesses that come out of our own community. This will depend on the skill sets of the people who are attracted to come here.

Patricia has written much about the vegan eco-village, and it is available on the website. If you want to know more about my views, I have been writing a blog on the oneness of all life for the past 8 years. It is: www.gospelofoneness.wordpress.com.  I have also published paperback and e-books that can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores. You can look them up under my name: Clifford J. Mikkelson or under the titles: Gospel of One; Letters of Aul, Questions and Answers about the Gospel of Oneness, The Book of Proverbs in the Light of Oneness, Story Poems for the Aquarian Age, and the e-books  How to Help Nature Spirits Clean-up the Environment and The Book of Job in the Light of Oneness.

If you are reading this and feeling excited about the possibilities of living in and helping to establish one of the first ever vegan eco-villages, please look over this website and see our screening process at the bottom of this page.

 We are eager to work with people who have practical skills and who have a vision of a better world that has greatly reduced the awful treatment and slaughter of magnificent animals such as cows, pigs, and others. If you know about this then you know it will benefit the whole world as well as yourself.

In the oneness of life, we realize that the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated is absolutely true. Near death experiences that come with a life review show that we experience what we have done to others because there really is no “other.” We are all part of the one life of the universe.

Living in oneness helps us communicate from the heart because we realize the need to be true and honest with other people. So, these two clear ideas are the foundation for a harmonious community: follow the golden rule and communicate from the heart.

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