Our funding ended to have staff, and Chase has gone on to work with Biodesic Strategies, a company that he helped start along with Tas while they gained experience and encouragement with Jesus Vegans. Here is Chase's description: 

"As a consultant for JV I help to implement permaculture design on the property, film and compose videos for the project and help with labor around the property. When I heard about this project I was excited for the opportunity to move forward in fulfilling my life and career goals.

Everyone at JV has taught me so much about communicating and has been very encouraging and motivating with my involvement on the project. I really admire their deep care for all life on earth and drive towards protecting creation on the planet.

A few of the invaluable benefits of working on this project are the ability to establish a business practice and monetize my skill set and to work in an enjoyable and stimulating environment with like-minded individuals."


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