Wanted:  Adventuresome Souls Who Want To Live On Site!

By Patricia Mikkelson, Co-Founder and Coordinator

We are looking for live-in founding members so we can do the following: 

*Finish planning all details of the ecovillage so people can feel secure in exploring possibilities and joining. 

*Give each other emotional, spiritual and physical support so we can have the strength to complete this task

*Publicize the project and inspire people to join on various levels. 

Once up and running, Vegan Utopia Ecovillage can help others start their own rural and urban vegan ecovillages.

I believe we can address every challenge that we face on this planet when we have the power of community. Do you want to be the  founding member to help this get off the ground and make a huge difference in the vegan movement? Learn more here. 



We have a variety of opportunities for people to learn many skills including gardening, Nonviolent Communication, healthy community living skills, Time Banking, and much more. We hope to be up and running by April 2019! 



We offer resources for living a life of health and compassion using a plant-based diet. We encourage a whole-foods approach with mostly raw foods. Making ethical choices in all aspects of life, including what we eat, is a foundational decision that helps our body, mind, and soul.  Just as importantly, we help to alleviate greatly our negative impact on the environment. As long as people eat animals and hurt them, we will have human suffering. We want to alleviate suffering for all of life. Learn more here.