Wanted: Assistant Director And Founding Members 

By Trish Mikkelson, Founder and Director

I am looking for an assistant director and live-in founding members so we can do the following: 

*Finish planning all details of the ecovillage so people can feel secure in exploring possibilities and joining. 

*Give each other emotional, spiritual and physical support so we can have the strength to complete this task

*Publicize the project and inspire people to join on various levels. 

Qualified applicants can live here in the beautiful log house that I have use of until Oct 15, 2018. However, I am open to working with someone from a distance. 

William Wilberforce and his friends, who helped abolish slavery in England over a 40 year period, lived in a community setting.  They provide an example of a spiritual community which helped to change society in radical ways. With the internet and all the knowledge gained over many decades about thriving in community, we have the potential to create healthy ecovillages that nurture our bodies, minds, and souls.  

Once up and running, Vegan Utopia Ecovillage can help others start their own rural and urban vegan ecovillages.

I believe we can address every challenge that we face on this planet when we have the power of community. Do you want to be the assistant director and/or founding member to help this get off the ground and make a huge difference in the vegan movement? Learn more here. 



We are not accepting interns at this time. Please contact us if you want to be put on a waiting list. We can't wait until we have the capacity to get this program going!


For Sale: Retreat Center and/or Farm Animal Sanctuary Site 

Imagine purchasing the perfect site for a place of your dreams. Is this for you or someone you know? The six-bedroom log house is perfect for all kinds of activities including workshops, retreats, healing events and family gatherings. Volleyball, swimming, kayaking, are available at the nearby Prayer Lake, a private 40-acre spring-fed lake.  5 acres of pasture land plus 9 acres of forest is ideal for a farm animal sanctuary. We want to find a buyer who wants to keep this as a vegan retreat center and/or have a farm animal sanctuary. The Vegan Utopia Ecovillage site is only ten minutes away and we can cooperate! Learn all about it here. 

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We offer resources for living a life of health and compassion using a plant-based diet. We encourage a whole-foods approach with mostly raw foods. Making ethical choices in all aspects of life, including what we eat, is a foundational decision that helps our body, mind, and soul.  Just as importantly, we help to alleviate greatly our negative impact on the environment. As long as people eat animals and hurt them, we will have human suffering. We want to alleviate suffering for all of life. Learn more here.